Anatomage Table

Anatomage is a medical imaging company that specializes in visualizing medical scans (CT, CBCT, MRI) and producing medical devices. Geared towards medical schools around the world, the Table is a virtual cadaver with a unique large form touchscreen designed to replicate a real cadaver dissection in a digital format. The Table combined data from a real human cadaver with digital models and textures that I created. It was also featured in a 2012 TED talk.

I was the Design Lead for the Table project and was responsible for creating hundreds of realistic anatomical models including the human cardiovascular and nervous systems. I also designed the UI icons, menus, instructional images, and the product brochure .

Anatomage Table User Interface


The Visage is a dental simulation product that was initially designed for a 42 inch touch screen. For this project I first created a female head model followed by various dental and surgical devices which I then textured, and animated for orthodontic and surgical simulations.

3D Printing Anatomy